Summer Choral Institute Info

The Summer Choral Institute is a nationally renowned leadership and choral music training program.  Eligible students are those currently in their freshman through junior year of high school.  Students may apply now through April 8 for free.  50 students will be invited to attend and each will receive a full scholarship for the Institute covering all expenses including food, room/board, activities, and instruction along with a $1,000 college scholarship to attend Kansas State University. 

What to Know

The Summer Choral Institute is a highly selective summer music and leadership program for singers.  Students participate in an immersive education with rehearsals, masterclasses, private coachings, recitals and concerts, college preparatory sessions, as well as team-building and character building exercises.  The leadership staff of SCI are among the top performers and educators in their respective fields.  



Most of the educational experiences of the Institute will occur at Kansas State University's All Faiths Chapel and the performance venues that are part of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.  The Institute will culminate with a final choral concert for families to attend along with a recognition luncheon. Students will often participate in activities on and off campus including the Student Union, Housing and Dining facilities, the K-State High Ropes course, the Beach Museum of Art, and many other nearby educational and entertainment venues.

Activities & Music

In order for us to provide an a fun-filled and packed schedule, students will be required to learn all music in advance.  The Institute will provide free distance education to help students learn their parts.  We will treat students as professionals and we expect rehearsals to be a time to refine your artistic performance.  In addition to rehearsals and the culminating choral concert, students will be able to experience on-campus life by living in recently renovated suites in a campus housing complex with one of the best on-campus dining experiences in the nation.  Students will be able to spend social time at the student union in various activities including bowling, pool, table tennis, arcades, or play games under the lights of the old football stadium nearby.  The Institute will feature student recitals on the stage of our university theaters, an annual Gong Show (talent competition), and many structured activities including some off-campus events, museum visits, and other immersive educational experiences.

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Arrival & Departure

Students will arrive on campus and check-in at our housing complex between 11am-1pm on Monday, July 18.  You will be told the building address prior to arrival; please eat lunch before arriving.  Students will live alongside and share multi-person suites with other students of the same gender.  Men and women will live in separate sections of the building; trained counselors will be on-site 24 hours a day.  Suites include clean linens, blankets, towels for each participant, along with private bathrooms and showers.  Following our recognition luncheon and concluding choral concert at 2pm Saturday, July 23rd at All Faiths Chapel, students will be able to check out of the housing complex between 4pm-6pm.  Most students will also attend the Konza Music Academy, which begins the next day July 24-27.  Students attending both events will not need to check out until the conclusion of the Konza Music Academy.  


Students will live and eat on campus just like an average college student.  Kansas State University features some of the finest dining facilities in the country.  Students will be able to have meals tailored to any dietary restrictions and the Institute will cover all meals during their stay.  Typical meal options include cold and hot breakfast and themed dining areas for lunch and dinner including a deli, fresh baked goods, Midwestern market, BBQ grill, Italian kitchen, salad bar, pizza buffet, Southwestern grill, soup and potato bar, along with many dessert options.



Learn more about the directors of the Summer Choral Institute.  More information will be provided on additional instructors as we approach this summer's event.

Dr. Julie Yu

Dr. Joshua Oppenheim

Dr. Bryan Pinkall


Traveling to Manhattan, KS

The Institute does not provide travel to Manhattan, KS.  Students who wish to fly in for the event should book air travel into Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK) which offers several daily flights through Dallas and Chicago with American Airlines.  The Institute will provide a free shuttle for those flying into Manhattan Regional Airport. 

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Students will live alongside and share multi-person suites with other students of the same age and gender.  Men and women will live in separate sections of the building; trained counselors will be on-site 24 hours a day.  Suites include clean linens, blankets, and towels for each participant, along with private bathrooms and showers. 

What's the difference between Summer Choral Institute and the Konza Music Academy?

The Summer Choral Institute is a high selective and nationally acclaimed leadership program for high school freshmen-junior singers that occurs the week before the Konza Music Academy, which is an on-campus intensive music program open to high school freshmen-senior singers.  For both events, students will live and study on the campus of Kansas State University.  Students may and are encouraged to participate in both events as they occur one right after the other.


High school freshmen-juniors singers may apply for the Summer Choral Institute, which occurs July 18-23.  Students are required to submit an audition recording to be considered for the Institute.  Only 50 students from across the country will be selected into the Institute and each will receive a full scholarship to attend along with a $1,000 college scholarship to attend Kansas State University.


Our sister program, the Konza Music Academy, is an all-inclusive affordable summer music program for current high school freshmen-senior singers.  No audition is required and our all-inclusive price covers all expenses for the duration of the Academy.

What is the participation or cancellation policy?

Students who are invited to attend the institute will receive a contract and parental permission forms.  Participants will be required to purchase their own sheet music, practice files, and distance education materials (likely between $75 - $100 for everything).   Those selected will have to periodically submit recordings while they are learning repertoire.  Those who fail to meet our screening deadlines will not be able to attend the Institute.  We highly encourage everyone to also enroll in our all-inclusive and affordable on-campus Konza Music Academy as part of this application.  Only students who successfully complete the Institute along with all requirements and activities will be able to receive the $1,000 college scholarship to Kansas State University.  Students are only entitled to one college scholarship no matter how many years they have participated in the Institute.

What are the COVID-19 precautions?

The Summer Choral Institute will obey all recommended guidance procedures required by Kansas State University.  More information on COVID-19 related guidance may be found at https://www.k-state.edu/covid-19/guidance/

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